We are 2015 Oil & Gas Awards Finalists and provide electronic Manifesting for transportation of hazardous substances and waste.
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Simplified waste management for oil and gas

As a Producer in the oil and gas industry, you are obliged to report all hazardous waste production and disposal. You also know that carefully monitoring waste, both non-hazardous and hazardous, can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Today’s multi-part and carbon copy manifests lead to errors, billing problems, reporting delays, and inaccuracies, which make things difficult for all parties involved: the Producer, the Trucking Company and the Disposal Facility.

There is a better solution

What if you streamline the cradle-to-grave waste management process by bringing the waste manifest process online? All parties (the Producer, the Trucking Company and the Disposal Facility) could easily access information as needed, and receive advanced notification when it is time for them to action. From auto-fill technology that cuts down on time and reduces the likelihood of paper-based errors, to under 30-day billing cycles.

To take it one step further, what if that information could be collected in the background, allowing you to see exactly where inefficiencies and opportunities exist throughout your operations while giving you the ability to act quickly and release benefits from these opportunities.

Enter Caledonia Solutions

Our team of experienced environmental engineers and software developers have developed a platform that allows for unmatched data accuracy and optimum waste processing management and oversight.

With Tru-View there is a new and innovative way to get early visibility into waste produced, billing and reduced costs, for all parties involved.

Learn more about how Tru-View can help you improve efficiencies in all aspects of your waste management processes.